What's For Dinner?

That is the question for more than one creature here. I did an overnight kayaking-camping trip through a mangrove water maze in Florida. Really enjoyed it! It is unlike any ecosystem I've seen before!

Mangrove Swamp Queen

I know ibis can be seen in every mud puddle and highway median in Florida. But whenever I see them, they look to exotic to me! I love them! This magical-realism scene is painted on Yupo which explains the almost stained-glass quality. A small 8x10 in matching bright green frame. $140 + shipping.


Ready for sunshine and water

Enough with mud season. The ice is off the lake, loons are hollering. I wish I were like the title of my newest work, "Retired". The ropes are slack, the paint is peeling and no one cares. Let's enjoy that sun. 

Unframed it is 21" x 14" (half-sheet of Arches). Once it is matted and framed $895.


Uncommon Commons: NY Public Library

I aimed to capture the essence of light, distance, and stunning architectural qualities of this free, yes free public library. Hence the title. I love the challenge of incorporating the light source itself into the scene. As I obliviously marched through this hallway, Rick suggested I stop and turn to appreciate the view. I'm so glad he was with me. (Love you R!) Although not an artist he appreciates architecture and design. 18" x 28" matted and framed to approx 28" x 38". (Click picture to see smaller view.)


SOLO SHOW! Until the end of September

Only two more weeks of my solo show featuring original watercolors of my favorite parts and places of my home in Peacham!

At the Gilmore Gallery in Peacham's Public Library at the corner of the Peacham-Danville Road and Old Cemetery Road in the heart of Peacham Village.

Open Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat 10am-noon and Tues/Thurs 1-7pm.

Remember Peacham's Fall Foliage Festival is Thursday, Sept. 29th - an ideal day to see, walk, and taste Peacham in all its glory http://www.peacham.net/fallfoliageindex.php  including the farmer's market, ghost walks and actual snow rollers in the one-and-only Snow Roller Barn and museum.


Egyptian Glass in January

Reflections of glass caught my eye. Again. What can I say? I love the stuff, especially on a white tabletop near my window. 
14x20" original watercolor matted & framed to 22x28" $825


Tidal Craze (A Winter Escape)

Update: I am giddy with joy to announce Tidal Craze won an award at the Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibition - a national show - in 2016. Painting on Yupo can be both exasperating and exhilarating. This helps make it worthwhile!

Once when roadside snow from past storms was as gritty and dark as my mood, a good friend kidnapped me in a mission of mercy. She turned up the volume on Caribbean fusion and drove three hours to the nearest coastline. We shouted at the wind, plowed through sand, gazed at summer ducks and loons bobbing on a salty winter sea. Once in sync with the rhythm of the waves we turned and headed back to our messy lives. 

My newest tidal watercolor celebrates the renewal we feel at the coast and the color it brings to our inland lives. Instead of washing away the rocks and sand, the tide brings out their colors and makes them glisten.

This is a 12"x19" original watercolor on Yupo, matted and framed (outside dimensions 19"x27") $595. 


Show! Jan & Feb, 2016

About ten of my paintings are on display for January and February, 2016 at Westview Meadows in Montpelier, Vermont http://www.westviewmeadows.com/. Stay tuned for the reception date, likely in February. This is a dual show with Warren Wolfe, a talented local oil painter. Westview Meadows is open daily; just check in with the receptionist using the instructions on the intercom (press 3#0 and tell her you want to see the new art installation). The paintings are in the main room, forward and slightly left of the front doors.


Southwestern memories

A Navajo rug, Acoma Pueblo pot, and bottles my dad used to test petroleum around the southwestern U.S., all in the warm light of my Vermont living room makes me wish I were back on the road in dry desert air among arroyos and sagebrush.  
Original 11x17" matted (white) and framed (black) 20.5x26" overall $550 plus shipping. Limited edition (8) prints available to fit 11x14" mat opening $130 each plus shipping (approx $5-8).


Bottled Light at End of the Year

Lately I have been mesmerized by reflections from glass. Add to that my view to the south with just a few artistic liberties. Winter has been slow to arrive but made a grand entrance around the change of year as I completed this painting after a good walk with friends through spitting snow. 
14x20" original, matted (white) and framed (brown) to 21.5x28" $599 + shipping. Limited edition (8) archival quality giclee prints to fit 11x14" mat opening $130 + shipping (typically $5-8 by tube).


Bottles, light and beauty

This is the kind of transparency I love about watercolor.  It also might be of interest that I used only four pigments in this 9x12" painting, besides the white of the paper.
Limited edition giclee prints (8) available to fit 9x12" mat opening for $130 each plus shipping ($5-8). 


On the Pier at Casco Bay

I had a two day trip to Maine to see friends and family the other week. It was quick but couldn't have been more perfect. Stopping by a pier in Portland, we relaxed in the sun and watched people fishing, including Bobby here who shouted lively encouragement to youngsters who appeared too stunned to know what to do with the line of flapping mackerel they landed. I snapped a few photos and said, this guy is a character; I am going to paint him against the water to remember this marvelous day. Unbeknownst to me, my new friend Dulcie had a chance encounter with him earlier that week she describes here. dulciewitmanwritingblogofJune18  She just about fell over when I she heard my plan. So I call this "Bobby Refrains from Falling in the Drink Today."


Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibition!

Last Fruits 
There is an inspiring exhibit of watercolors from around North America right here in Vermont. Until July 25th, the annual Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibition is on display at the Big Red Barn in Waitsfield (at the Lareau Farm, two steps from the porch of American Flatbread). Noon to 9pm, each Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun.
And yup, two of my works are in it like "Last Fruits" here.  Oh yes, and I made it into the video. Check out http://www.valleyartsfoundation.org/water-color-show/ 


VAF Show through June 28!

Rick and his Adoring Fan
I am flattered the Valley Arts Foundation chose my work for the 2015 Members' Show publicity! The reception is Sunday, April 12 from 4-6 at the Festival Gallery, 2 Village Square, Waitsfield, VT (next to the Tempest Bookstore).  The show will run through June 28, 2015.  It will have an eclectic array of paintings, textiles and sculpture. Take a drive through the Mad River Valley and see it! (Don't forget to stop at the Artisans Gallery too http://www.vtartisansgallery.com/)



Keeping the Fire Alive

The Asbel Goodenough blacksmith shop from 1820 still stands in the Village of Peacham, Vermont.  What's more, it still works. At the July 4 and Fall Foliage festivals, it opens up and volunteers show how smithing is done.  An artist could spend a lifetime in it, painting its weathered wood and rust in the dusty light.  This time I opted for the bigger scene: the fire within the people who keep the craft alive.


A Winter Landscape

This is the drive to the Goodriches' dooryard. I love these snow covered days in sun.  Remember sun? Late this year, sunshine is a fuzzy October memory.

On display at the Artisans Gallery, Waitsfield, Vermont January-April, 2015 with several more of my paintings.  The Artisans Gallery is  an eclectic fine arts and crafts gallery.  Visit and you'll enjoy the bonus of a drive through the stunning Mad River Valley - and this time of year, some fantastic downhill skiing.  http://www.vtartisansgallery.com/