Tidal Craze (A Winter Escape)

Update: I am giddy with joy to announce Tidal Craze won an award at the Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibition - a national show - in 2016. Painting on Yupo can be both exasperating and exhilarating. This helps make it worthwhile!

Once when roadside snow from past storms was as gritty and dark as my mood, a good friend kidnapped me in a mission of mercy. She turned up the volume on Caribbean fusion and drove three hours to the nearest coastline. We shouted at the wind, plowed through sand, gazed at summer ducks and loons bobbing on a salty winter sea. Once in sync with the rhythm of the waves we turned and headed back to our messy lives. 

My newest tidal watercolor celebrates the renewal we feel at the coast and the color it brings to our inland lives. Instead of washing away the rocks and sand, the tide brings out their colors and makes them glisten.

This is a 12"x19" original watercolor on Yupo, matted and framed (outside dimensions 19"x27") $595. 

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